Re: Complications from Adhesions?

From: Christine M. Smith (
Sun Jun 13 13:51:22 1999

At Sat, 12 Jun 1999, Ginny King wrote: >
>I have had surgery (including a hysterectomy) for adenomyosis and
>adhesions. I have had pain in my right side that is unbearable in the
>area of the appendix. The doctor during my surgery did not look at
>anything exept my uterus. Since then I have gone through a number of
>doctors that don't seem to be able to help. Most won't even answer my
>questions as to whether adhesions could be causing this chronic pain.
>All GI tests come back normal and I continue to get the pat on the head
>and told to reduce the stress in my life. To complicate matters, I have
>recurrent "infections" two to three times a year that cause the pain in
>my side to become worse along with intestinal bleeding, elevated white
>blood cell counts and blood in the urine. All of this is of course in
>my head. Is there anyone out there that has had anything similar? Any
>response would be appreciated as I am feeling very alone at this moment.
>Ginny King


What kind of infections are you referring to? There is no way that intestinal bleeding can be "all in your head!" I think you have to find another doctor. Have you considered a colo-rectal specialist? Unless you have proven hemmorrhoids, intestinal bleeding is not normal!

Chris S.


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