Re: Back Pain

From: Michele (
Fri Jun 11 21:01:35 1999

I had the exact same problem in 1990. I ruptured L4-5 and bulged the one above. The one above was bulged because there was no support below. I am an adhesion grower, and contrast dye studies showed NO adhesions on an MRI done within the last 2 years. The disc can re-heal itself, but I feel a specialist should read the MRI. They can see pretty clearly if the fluid is really out there and moving. Usually the photo shows as a droop in the disc outside the spineand to the left or right or center herniation. The bulging disc has a very good chance from all I know to heal on its own. If there is neurological disruption (lack of ability to lift toes, or feeling in legs or arms, incontinence) then a person has to weigh out surgery.

I had neurological disruption. I had microsurgery. I was out of the hospital the next day!! That's good news.

Again, I have not formed adhesions. :-) OUCH though. That hurts. I have to keep my weight down all my life now and I always will have to exercise. This is difficult with adhesions.

--Michele At Fri, 11 Jun 1999, Richard Hagen wrote: >
>The MRI on my wife showed a bulging disc and a ruptured disc.
>What are the chances of it being adhesion related? Can diet improve the natural repair process? Is surgery the solution or PT?
>Dick Hagen WI USA

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