Re: Back Pain-Michele

From: Christine M. Smith (
Sat Jun 12 14:50:23 1999

At Fri, 11 Jun 1999, Michele wrote: >
>I had the exact same problem in 1990. I ruptured L4-5 and bulged the
>one above. The one above was bulged because there was no support below.
>I am an adhesion grower, and contrast dye studies showed NO adhesions on
>an MRI done within the last 2 years. The disc can re-heal itself, but I
>feel a specialist should read the MRI. They can see pretty clearly if
>the fluid is really out there and moving. Usually the photo shows as a
>droop in the disc outside the spineand to the left or right or center
>herniation. The bulging disc has a very good chance from all I know to
>heal on its own. If there is neurological disruption (lack of ability
>to lift toes, or feeling in legs or arms, incontinence) then a person
>has to weigh out surgery.
>I had neurological disruption. I had microsurgery. I was out of the
>hospital the next day!! That's good news.
>Again, I have not formed adhesions. :-) OUCH though. That hurts. I
>have to keep my weight down all my life now and I always will have to
>exercise. This is difficult with adhesions.
>At Fri, 11 Jun 1999, Richard Hagen wrote:
>>The MRI on my wife showed a bulging disc and a ruptured disc.
>>What are the chances of it being adhesion related? Can diet improve the natural repair process? Is surgery the solution or PT?
>>Dick Hagen WI USA

Hi Michelle:

How did you do this to your disc? (L4-L5) Any specific incident or just general wear and tear? Is a diagnosis like this likely if you don't have neurological deficiencies such as loss of function in the parts innervated by that nerve? I've always had various leg discomforts-this is what I was treated for for FOUR years by a neurologist. He did an EMG which he said was normal.(except for a small amount of carpal tunnel which I knew about and didn't tell him) Could it (the EMG) have been normal then (1991) but maybe not normal now? Or can it still be normal and have disc or other spine problems causing pain? (I know this is getting a little out of adhesions and into neurology) By the way, my gynecologist treated me with Lupron (after the neurologist retired) because he said endo can cause leg pain. The pain was gone in 3 months and did not reoccur until my abdominal pain started 2 years ago. Even then it was nothing like it was when I was treated with the Lupron. Why would Lupron have a positive effect on the leg pain if it wasn't related to endo? I am really confused. When they did the last lap on me in Sept 98 there was almost no endo in the pelvis so I am convinced my problems are not endo related.

I have an MRI on Monday and am hoping it shows *some* explanation.

Chris S.

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