Re: MRI next step

From: Karen O'Keefe (
Mon Jun 7 23:35:52 1999

Another MRI hint - ask for cushions for under your legs or wherever else you need them - that darn table is hard on the back!! They will make you as comfortable as possible.

> At Mon, 7 Jun 1999, Sue Ann Murray wrote:
> >
> >>Finally, has anyone had an MRI? What can I expect? They just called with
> >>my appt-next Monday at 9 PM!!! Weird? The daughter of a friend had one
> >>and she normally has no problems with things like this, found the MRI
> >>very, very difficult to tolerate. She said it took intense mental
> >>imagery to keep from panicking in the enclosed area. She advised
> >>pre-medication. Help!
> >>
> >>Chris S.
> >
> >I've had three MRI's over the years so far, although they were of the brain,
> >so I was completely inside the machine. I'm not sure exactly what your
> >position would be since yours would be of a different area. I can't say it
> >was a joyful experience, but I had no serious problems. The only minor thing
> >was that I have occasional allergy problems and one time I forgot to take
> >a sinus medication so I needed to swallow frequently and I as afraid I
> >wasn't being still enough. (Try to swallow without moving your head.) But
> >all three were at different facilities and the machines were slightly
> >different as they improved over the years. The first one they had a mirror
> >placed so that you could see out of the machine along with music playing.
> >The other two didn't have the mirror but still had your choice of music and
> >there is always a microphone there so you can scream if it's getting to you.
> >But the two newer machines also had a little more breathing space than the
> >first one, if I remember correctly. I just closed my eyes and day dreamed
> >to try and make the time pass quicker. Sometimes when they say, "this
> >will take 5 mintues" -- I would count off the seconds so it didn't seem
> >longer than it really was. But all in all, I didn't think it was that bad.
> >
> >Sue Ann
> Hi Sue Ann:
> Thanks for your response. The woman on the phone said that a pre-med
> was possible but needed to be obtained from my pcp. I found it
> difficult lying on the hard xray table last week when I went for xrays.
> I can stand the discomfort, but if it makes me wiggle that isn't good. I
> have to think about what to do this week.
> Chris

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