Re: Colo-rectal Surgeon Appt

From: Karen O'Keefe (
Mon Jun 7 23:34:21 1999

I get that stabbing, searing, sharp pain too - we could populate the world with our little "aliens"!

Karen >
> To Chris: I experience a VERY sharp pain just before "completing" my mission (if you know what I mean) and it is so sharp that it almost destroys further elimination and sometimes does stop it. I know I am writing late but, perhaps your doctor told you something you can pass on to me. I, too, get and maintain at all times a "full" feeling along with periods of tightness and the feeling that something (like the movie "Alien") will pop out of me. It would be interesting to know if any other su
> >>> Christine M. Smith <> 04/16 2:30 PM >>>
> Well, I finally got up the nerve and called my pcp to ask for a referral
> to a colo-rectal surgeon. The pcp approved the referral so now I am
> hoping to get answers to some of the questions I've been asking. These
> doctors treat colon-rectal disorders as well as do surgery. The one I
> am going to also has a website. I am optimistic this visit is going to
> be productive.
> To those of you who have bowel adhesions, do you get weird sensations?
> This is a weird feeling in my "problem area" , it isn't cramping or gas
> pain, just a feeling like a muscle twitch. Other times it feels like my
> gut is tightening , almost like, but not quite as strong as, braxton
> hicks contractions in pregnancy. Does this sound familiar to anyone or
> am I nuts?
> Chris

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