Re: MRI next step-Karen

From: Christine M. Smith (
Tue Jun 8 07:01:59 1999

At Mon, 7 Jun 1999, Karen O'Keefe wrote: >
>Another MRI hint - ask for cushions for under your legs or wherever else
>you need them - that darn table is hard on the back!! They will make you
>as comfortable as possible.
>> At Mon, 7 Jun 1999, Sue Ann Murray wrote:
>> >
>> >>Finally, has anyone had an MRI? What can I expect? They just called with
>> >>my appt-next Monday at 9 PM!!! Weird? The daughter of a friend had one
>> >>and she normally has no problems with things like this, found the MRI
>> >>very, very difficult to tolerate. She said it took intense mental
>> >>imagery to keep from panicking in the enclosed area. She advised
>> >>pre-medication. Help!
>> >>
>> >>Chris S.

Hi Karen: We don't have "open" MRI here. At least it hasn't been offered and I have heard no one talk about it. I'm not too worried about the claustrophobic feeling. I don't usually have a problem like that. I am worried about the hardness of the table. I just recently had an xray of the sacroiliac joints and that was just a few minutes on the hard table and I couldn't stand it. I mentioned to the woman on the phone about the problem and she didn't suggest pillows. Was the MRI of your back? Mine is, maybe the knees can't be bent like that when they are looking at the lower spine. When I told her I worried about the hardness of the table making it hard for me not to wiggle she suggested premedication. She didn't act like it was an unusual problem. It's at 9 pm at night-that should be better than the am. I had a root canal done before my first lap and about 15 minutes into the root canal my bladder felt like it was going to burst and this always causes pain in my problem area. The hour long root canal was torture because of this. Chris S.

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