Re: Dr. Dr. Reich's theory on adhesion etiology and adhesional lysis

Sun Jun 6 21:45:50 1999

Beverly J. Doucette wrote: >
> Mr. Hagan....please contact me @ and I will be happy to
> discuss this adhesional lysis, Dr. Reich is a world famious laproscopic
> surgeon who has pioneered many laporoscopic procedures....he performs at
> the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York.( when he is in the
> country that is ! )Feel free to look him up under his name or under the:
> I would be most pleased to share my experience with you and please tell
> your wife not to give up as many things are looking up for those of us
> who suffer from this disorder.....this type of support is a fine example
> of just that! Beverly

Hi Beverly;

My name is cyndy and I have suffered from adhesions for many,many years....I have had 18 abdominal surguries for different stomach problems over the last 20 years...I am only 39 years old..

I am very interested in hearing more about your Dr. Reich's theory thanks....e-mail

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