Dr. Dr. Reich's theory on adhesion etiology and adhesional lysis

From: Beverly J. Doucette (bnb@cybrzn.com)
Sun Jun 6 15:22:30 1999

Mr. Hagan....please contact me @ bnb@cybrzn.com and I will be happy to discuss this adhesional lysis, Dr. Reich is a world famious laproscopic surgeon who has pioneered many laporoscopic procedures....he performs at the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York.( when he is in the country that is ! )Feel free to look him up under his name or under the: http://www.womansurgerygroup.com

I would be most pleased to share my experience with you and please tell your wife not to give up as many things are looking up for those of us who suffer from this disorder.....this type of support is a fine example of just that! Beverly

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