Re: Continuation of Adhesional Lysis New York

From: Christine M. Smith (
Sun Jun 6 23:14:38 1999

At Sat, 5 Jun 1999, Beverly J. Doucette wrote: >
>OOPs...hit the wrong button!!!
>If a medical facility DID NOT perform medical tests on a patient
>presenting with complaints of pain and assumed that thier symptoms of
>pain WERE due to adhesions because they have a history of them, what
>would you do if you DID have a tumor or cancer, and it went undetected
>because of a DR. writing your pain off as due to adhesions without
>checking into it? I'd be pretty miffed!
>My recent contacts with Mayo Clinic indicated to me that a number of the
>DR.s DID in fact feel that adhesions in and of themselves caused pain.
>Like almost every where else though, they have not come up with a
>practical treatment or surgical procedure that would benefit an adhesion
>former. Mayo will work with an adhesion patient through pain
>management. I did start my pain management through them. I cannot see
>a basis for an " investigation" into Mayo or any other medical facility
>because they perform medical tests on those of us who have a history of
>adhesions. I was found to have TWO tumors....and that was only through
>an adhesional lysis that I elected to have done in New York under DR.
>Reich! If he had not found them, who knows what might have happenend to
>me. I would not allow any local DR's to perform anymore tests on me as
>I was convinced that ALL MY pain was from adhesions and that there was
>no valid reason to put myself through testing that would have negative
>results for abnormal pathology let alone pay for tests over and over
>again...boy was I wrong!!! So, I have to advise all, for what it's
>worth, the testing is necessary and could save yoour life! If all tests
>have negative results for abnormal pathology, then it is probably your
>adhesions. It is then up to you to determine the next
>for them or live with them and try pain management. I do believe that
>the more educated one becomes to thier own disorder, the better equiped
>they are to discuss treatment with a DR...even down to what needs to be
>done in a surgery if you elect that route! I also feel that adhesional
>lysis performed in a certain way, CAN reduce the amount of reformed
>adhesions and in all probability, decrease the formation of DeNovo
>adhesions...I firmly believe that there are no barrier's created today
>that will be effective in dealing with adhesions..and I mean NONE! Once
>you learn what type of procedure is best for adhesional lysis, you can
>discuss it with your surgeon..even dictate how and what you wish to have
>done for you and this disorder! Helen, give me a back atcha if you wilL!
>Thanks Beverly

Hi Beverly: I agree with you 100% when you say you can not assume that the pain you are having is due to the adhesions. Pelvic pain can be nonspecific- it appears different disorders can cause very similar pain. If you just assume it is the same problem because it feels the same, you could miss a very treatable condition (whatever it might be) or risk your life (as in the example you used). I guess the situation has to be assessed regularly and how that is done depends on you and your doctor I would think. I had a small bowel adhesion lysed at a lap, had 100% pain relief for 3 months, the EXACT same pain returned, I had a repeat lap done 6 months after the first and found out that the first bowel adhesion had NOT reoccurred and that there were no new adhesions (only the adhesions in a different area the first surgeon had chosen not to remove) yet the pain felt exactly the same both times.

Chris S.

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