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c.m., hi i read your post and let me tell you i too have been put thru the ringer.i have had a full hysterectomy(thank god for my two beautiful daughters)in march i was in a lot of pain again..i had terrible adhesions once more and a nerve was trapped..they severed the nerve and i was doing fine until recently.the pain is back full force and i possibly have a kidney stone and/or kidney infection..its a vicious cycle.u get to the point where u meet a dr.that u love from the very beginning and then u think he is just like god and then this returns and he is frustrated and more importantly u are too. so i know how u feel.please feel free to write me any time.and i will definitely pray for u.. ann barber --- Dick Hagen <> wrote: > For my wife, the decision to have surgery was
> quality of life. As it turns
> out, the last surgery helped a little bit as she was
> able to begin coping
> better and staying out of the emergency rooms. It
> reduced my employers
> medical costs somewhat, but my out of pockets costs
> continued. She tried PT,
> but it was too painful. Bio-feedback was the best
> for her. She is going to
> go back to that. TENS unit has limited use, very
> expensive unless insurance
> covers it. Medication has been Oxycontin 160MG 3
> times a day, but we have to
> get it mailorder because of the high copayment on
> the dose($250/30days). We
> just tried a pain doctor to see if she could have
> the nerve blocked, but the
> pain doctor says it would have probably limited
> success, if at all. The pain
> doctor had reaffirmed thru testing that she was in
> pain. We had problems
> with doctors doubting us. Because of the high dose
> of meds it gets tricky
> getting anyone to prescribe. My wife has always had
> a low tolerance to pain
> and a high assimilation rate of meds. She qualified
> for Social Security
> Disability last year. She has a nursing degree but
> can't work.
> As far as the doctors, it goes like this.....
> We can help. Lets test you. Here take this.
> We can't find anything. Don't take this now.
> We can't help. Go away. Go to that guy over there.
> Where's the money? Here's my lawyer. Pay now.
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> >Hello, I just found the site and did not even
> realized it was up yet,
> >but I am glad it is.
> >I am 26 years old I have had 2 abdominal surgeries
> and now I suffer from
> >adhesions. I have bowel problems, alot of pulling
> and live in pain
> >everyday.
> >As I write this I have the hardest choice to make,
> I live in pain
> >everyday, the doctor said I could have another
> surgery, but he can not
> >tell me anything, only that they will try to do a
> lap, but if the
> >adhesions are anything like they were the last time
> I might have to be
> >cut back open, and I might lose my remaining ovary
> too. I know that the
> >more surgery the more adhesions but there is also
> hope that maybe it
> >would make things better.I have read others posts
> about having more
> >surgery after finding out you had adhesions and was
> wondering how you
> >were able to make the choice to have another
> surgery, I know this sounds
> >stupid but it would help me greatly, I talk to my
> husband but it does
> >not understand why the choice is so hard to make.
> Thanks for listening.
> >
> >C.M
> >


Ann Barber

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