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From: Dick Hagen (
Tue Apr 27 06:37:57 1999

For my wife, the decision to have surgery was quality of life. As it turns out, the last surgery helped a little bit as she was able to begin coping better and staying out of the emergency rooms. It reduced my employers medical costs somewhat, but my out of pockets costs continued. She tried PT, but it was too painful. Bio-feedback was the best for her. She is going to go back to that. TENS unit has limited use, very expensive unless insurance covers it. Medication has been Oxycontin 160MG 3 times a day, but we have to get it mailorder because of the high copayment on the dose($250/30days). We just tried a pain doctor to see if she could have the nerve blocked, but the pain doctor says it would have probably limited success, if at all. The pain doctor had reaffirmed thru testing that she was in pain. We had problems with doctors doubting us. Because of the high dose of meds it gets tricky getting anyone to prescribe. My wife has always had a low tolerance to pain and a high assimilation rate of meds. She qualified for Social Security Disability last year. She has a nursing degree but can't work.

As far as the doctors, it goes like this..... We can help. Lets test you. Here take this. We can't find anything. Don't take this now. We can't help. Go away. Go to that guy over there. Where's the money? Here's my lawyer. Pay now. -----Original Message----- From: C.M <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Date: Tuesday, April 27, 1999 3:12 AM Subject: hello

>Hello, I just found the site and did not even realized it was up yet,
>but I am glad it is.
>I am 26 years old I have had 2 abdominal surgeries and now I suffer from
>adhesions. I have bowel problems, alot of pulling and live in pain
>As I write this I have the hardest choice to make, I live in pain
>everyday, the doctor said I could have another surgery, but he can not
>tell me anything, only that they will try to do a lap, but if the
>adhesions are anything like they were the last time I might have to be
>cut back open, and I might lose my remaining ovary too. I know that the
>more surgery the more adhesions but there is also hope that maybe it
>would make things better.I have read others posts about having more
>surgery after finding out you had adhesions and was wondering how you
>were able to make the choice to have another surgery, I know this sounds
>stupid but it would help me greatly, I talk to my husband but it does
>not understand why the choice is so hard to make. Thanks for listening.

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