Re: Toni New Gel Barrier

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Sun Apr 25 01:08:00 1999

>From Sun Apr 25 01:08:00 1999
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>Hi,I have been told as that the Gel will be out as early as June,or July,
>then was told Oct. and have also been told "sometime" the latter part of
the >year. Really it all depends upon when the FDA gives it's approval for usage
>in the USA. Basically ,we are at their mercy, the clinicals have been done,
>and turned in, to the best of my knowlege, so now we wait for the FDA to
>approve. Toni, you amaze me, that you can even bowl at all! I can't even
>lift a bowling ball at this time, much less, throw one down the lane!
Please >be careful, and take care of yourself.

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