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From: Susan Carr (
Mon Apr 19 21:18:16 1999

It does seem like there are not as many people posting as I thought there might be. For me just knowing there was one or two more "out there" with the same problems I had was comforting somehow. When you first hear that word adhesions you seem so lost and alone. It seems like I was always complaining about the pain because it would NEVER go away. I've been on pain meds for about 8 years now with three surgeries too. I'm done now, I won't do that to myself again. But am all too willing to share what little I learned with anyone who needs to know. I read someone's (I'm not too sure whose) posting about their pain going through to their back. Mine does too and also down the inside of my thigh across the front of my shin and down to the bottom of my foot. I've have the surgeons tell me that there was absolutely no way that pain could be cause by adhesions that were in my abdomen. Then my family doc (I could kiss her) says wait a minute and she ran and got her anatomy book and sure enough it was like a road map just where the pain ran. There is a bundle of nerves around the groin area that spread out and run down the leg in various routes. Anyway, a not too short of long story short - she agreed that it was the adhesions causing the back and leg pain. So any of you out there that are told there is no possible connection - bet to differ!!!!

Susan C.

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