Spouses of Adhesion Sufferers

From: Dick Hagen (r.hagen@usa.net)
Thu Apr 15 15:09:45 1999

Interesting stories from people keep popping up on my mail. My wife is a sufferer of chronic pain, adhesions. She doesn't appreciate me discussing these things so I try to keep the details minimal. I would like to say that Dr. Wiseman must be a saint for providing these avenues of communication and help. My experience in being supportive of my wife's difficulties has tested my abilities to be patient, understanding, and empathetic.

My experience with pain and discomfort has always been minimal or short lived.

My experience with doctors over these issues has left me truly distrustful of doctors and the methods they employ to "treat" you. We have not found long lasting answers.The only source of hope and encouragement has come through forums like these.

I personally feel the adhesion sufferer is a black mark against the medical/surgical community and they would rather pass off the problems as psychological rather then admit to being ignorant or helpless to correct their mistakes. Remarkably, many have been helped by medicine. But .... we have a ways to go. The degree of humility, skill, experience and compassion varies greatly with doctors. Keep looking and keep listening.

My word to spouses and supportive people;

Don't give up in being kind and understanding. It's not all in the head. I saw a docudrama about the inhumane treatment of prisoners. They were not insane when they went into prison, but when they were mistreated, they went crazy. So if you had to live with pain,discomfort,inability to care for yourself at times, and doctors that think your crazy, you'd go crazy too.

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