pain and adhesions

From: Toni Welsh (
Fri Apr 16 06:23:00 1999

I am hoping this forum gets going, due to the misunderstanding alot of people have about he pain from adhesions, and at times what the pain does to us.

My husband read the posts about spuses, and it does affect the lives of two people , not just one, my husband is very understanding ,but I feel at times he gets tired of hearing about it. It is something I suffer with on a daily basis, and hope that in time I will feel better.

I ti s hard for some people to understand the pain we feel from just scar tissue, and sometimes I do not think the drs even understand it. My bowels were so messed up the last surgery, that now all my drs. are afraid to even do a lap, which my gyn said in nov, that if this did not subside, he would do a lap, now they are ALL afraid to touch me, they say anymore surgery could make matters worse, so even if a new barrier comes out soon, I do not think they will do any more surgery. So my hopes are down.

I know the drs I see do not worry about obstruction they tell me if it happens THEN we do the surgery, but we cannot stop it if it is going to happen, they tell me more surhery could injure the bowel more, causing possibly losing part of it, so they do NOTHING. I thought for a while the gyn did not care anymore, but he did refer me to pain clinic, and I have gotten SOME relief since they put me on Neurotin, but not fully. They say when treatment with meds is over tho, the pain may be more severe after treatment, makes me wonder where this is going to go!

I hope you girls find support and caring here, because I do care, and hope my experinece with the problems caused by adhesions, I can help someone else. I have been in contact by email with one of the women on here, and I feel like she has tried to help, and I mean you chris, hope you are doing okay! take care all, and hope to talk to someone soon!

Has anyone had ovarian remnant sydromoe here? I am still wondering if the dr would have seen that during my second laparotomy, I still have MAJOR pain in the area where my ovary was.


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