adhesions on bowels-laura

From: Toni Welsh (
Thu Apr 15 14:54:22 1999

i am like christine, I was wondering where the adhesions are you are suffering with? Not too sure form your posts, but I am very concerned like chris, about adhesions twisting the bowels and thing, and some drs say it is not healthy for the transverse colon to be on the pelvic floor, and some drs say it is nothig, to worry about, so I guess I am like chris, what happens, happens, b/c we cannot chaNGE THINGS.

you know I told one of my drs before that if you have a disease they can help, but the pian from adhesions I am told it is very hard to treat the pain, and I feel I do not enjoy life to its fullest, I cannot even walk to far, the constricting pain in the abdomen is driving my crazy, just have been told I MAY have to live with it, so I am trying!


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