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From: Raymond & Susan Carr (
Tue Apr 13 21:33:24 1999

Dear Dr. Wiseman,

Don't know what you were testing -- but it must have worked,ha ha. I got your message and I'm on the email list. I like this idea though, a forum type correspondence, if I'm understanding this correctly. Just FYI, I have talked with way too many people just in my area that are going through this same stuff. I have passed on the info that I have accumulated over the years and also your name and OUR organization (hope you don't mind). Most are just starting to learn about adhesions, some unfortunately have been hearing the same old "adhesions don't cause pain" line that we've all heard at least once in our quest. Hopefully, through these venues these poor souls can educate themselves so that when they are faced with the hard decisions (barriers or whatever) they are better armed.

Until Later, Susan Carr

DW wrote:

> This is a test

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