Re: Welcome from David Wiseman

Wed Apr 14 15:05:42 1999

At Mon, 12 Apr 1999, David wrote: >
>Hi everyone and welcome to our message forum. We hope that this will be
>a good place for you all to talk about adhesions, to share ideas and to
>offer support.
>For more information about the International Adhesions Society, please
>visit our web site at

A big thank-you to Dr. Wiseman and all those who helped with this posting board. A long time coming, but finnaly we all have a place to share with, learn from and help one another with living with Adhesion Disorder. I hope that family members of adhesion sufferers also take the opportunity to use this as they to are affected by this disorder and have needs that could be served through sharing on this board. Thank-you again Dr Wiseman, you are great!

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