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From: Bruce Speyer (
Tue Apr 13 02:18:24 1999

At Mon, 12 Apr 1999, wrote: >
>Dear Bruce
>MANY thanks for getting this going. Is it necessary for someone to subscribe
>to this. Is there a way for them just to post a message. Also will the whole
>subscription list get an email every time a message is posted? Do we have to
>have that feature, or can we just have postings without email being generated?

It is NOT necessary to subscribe to read or post messages. That all can be done now from the website at

The entire subscription list does get messages as they are posted by either the web form or by mailing them to That is actually a very useful feature and I recommend not removing it. All forums work this way without problem.

This isn't an issue now since anybody can add or remove themselves from the subscription list whenever they wish. To do that go to the web page and click on "unsubscribe".

It is also possible to request email in digest format which is only 1 message per day with all the messages sent concatenated together. To do that go to the web page and click on "digest".

Good luck on the adhesions discussions.


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