Re: This is a test.....susan

From: Toni Welsh (
Fri Apr 16 07:44:51 1999

At Tue, 13 Apr 1999, Raymond & Susan Carr wrote: >
>Dear Dr. Wiseman,
>Don't know what you were testing -- but it must have worked,ha ha. I
>got your message and I'm on the email list. I like this idea though, a
>forum type correspondence, if I'm understanding this correctly.
>Just FYI, I have talked with way too many people just in my area that
>are going through this same stuff. I have passed on the info that I
>have accumulated over the years and also your name and OUR organization
>(hope you don't mind). Most are just starting to learn about adhesions,
>some unfortunately have been hearing the same old "adhesions don't cause
>pain" line that we've all heard at least once in our quest. Hopefully,
>through these venues these poor souls can educate themselves so that
>when they are faced with the hard decisions (barriers or whatever) they
>are better armed.
>Until Later,
>Susan Carr
>DW wrote:
>> This is a test

What you just said abotu the line "ADHESIONS DON'T CAUSE PAIN", I got that from one dr, and I told him he would NEVER see me again, and he was a general surgeon, I cannot believe what I heard, and he didgusted me terribly. Then why am I goign to pain control at a pain center? My gyn is the one that has been the most understanding about the pain I have been in, and the one who referred me to them, the pain has gotten alittle better, but I have been taking trazadone, neurotin, and darvocet, and until they added neurotin, I finally getting SOME relief, I can at least do more now!

But what happens when I go off the meds, at least I am not taking any narcotics, that makes me feel better, I have alot of trouble moving my bowels, I have to take senekot every night, now they say I have lazy bowel, but they tell me it is IMPORTANT to keep them moving, that will help from getting obstructed(Iguess)! There are times tho when laxatives do nothing, I had severe pain for a week not long ago, and the senekot did not even move the bowels, 6 days, they said I could have been partially obstructed by the pain I explained to him, but it went away after the bowels finally moved! I will be back later hoping to some messages soon!


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