Re: I need HELP!

From: entrapped (
Thu Oct 25 19:25:56 2012

At Mon, 30 Jul 2012, Lisa Krueger wrote: >
>I have had nurmerous abdominal surgeries! The last one was in 09 for a
>double blockage. I am now suffering horrible constipation. I need a
>Dr. that deals with adhesions. I live near Chicago, IL. I also need a
>support network that I can e-mail. I need to talk to others who are
>going through this horrible ordeal. I want to know about a Dr Reich,
>Dr. Jay Redan, or a Dr. Thomas Lyons. Any help in this matter I would
>appreciate. I also need to know about the Dr. in Germany that deals in
>adhesions. I am willing to go anywhere to get the help that I need. I
>don't want this to win. I am a fighter and I will beat this. I think
>the work that you are doing here is great. I see that so much more
>needs to be done. Praying for all here.
>Lisa Krueger

Dear Lisa, I apologize for e-mailing you directly, however I was unable to locate the above message on the board. I just wanted you to know that I know precisely what you're going through. My first surgery in 1999 started out as a diagnostic laparoscopy and ended up being 2 hour long surgery... after all the procedures I was asked to undergo, did, and have undergone countless times since - they found nothing. Surprise, surprise... what they found during that surgery was that my left ovary was adhered to my sigmoid colon which was all adhered to my left pelvic sidewall all related to endometriosis. The main surgeon who is in the Chicago area (my gynecologist was present) specializes in adhesions and took them down. I felt great for about 3 months and have been sick, in excruciating pain, have seen countless specialists since, and I've received nothing but narcotics. On the latter - don't get me wrong... I'm grateful that my internist and gynecologist understand chronic pain and aren't afraid to prescribe these medications and quite honestly if it weren't for those pain medications I'm afraid to even mention where I would be today... Unfortunately, I am unable and in all good conscience cannot recommend the surgeon that did the initial surgery... he is known throughout the country and abroad for this type of work, however, his reputation as a narcissist (as many surgeons are) is documented in virtually every hospital in northern Illinois and by countless patients. Additionally, and for legal reasons I cannot even mention his name. I'm sorry - I wish I could help you in that regard. I wish you and everyone one who suffers from this abominable disorder all the best.

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