Re: such pain

From: entrapped (
Thu Oct 25 19:25:31 2012

At Wed, 8 Aug 2012, maikki wrote: >
>As I lAy here in pAin I can't help but wonder why am I doing another c t
>scan? I feel so helpless. why do the doctors say adhesions aren't
>painful? Well doc I'm in pain noW! I don't know anybody with my
>symptoms, and I need help

Maikki, not that my reply will help but just wanted you to know that I truly understand what you're going through and thought I'd share my story with you. I had a diagnostic laparoscopic surgery in 1999 which turned into a 2-hour surgery. They were quite surprised at what they found... my left ovary was adhered to my sigmoid colon (left lower quadrant), which was all adhered to my pelvic sidewall - adhesions due to endometriosis. I felt great for a few months. I have been suffering ever since and its getting worse (13 YEARS!). I have a great deal of difficulty eating because not only is the pain excruciating and I'm "forced" to take narcotics, but I'm incredibly nauseated and crampy... who feels like eating when you feel like you're going to throw up (sorry - I truly don't mean to be graffic). As a consequence of not eating properly I've lost 60 pounds and I'm now about 20-25 pounds underweight. The area that was operated on (they took down the adhesions) is so incredibly painful and has been 3 months out from surgery is and has been getting worse as are the other symptoms. Additionally, my gynecologist who was present during the initial surgery and subsequent diagnostic laps - I don't believe that he has the expertise as does the surgeon that initially took down the adhesions and freed up everything. One problem - I will never see that surgeon again... arrogant, narcissistic... awful (evil, evil individual and has that reputation with the medical community). I feel so alone, lost, in pain, sick... I feel like I'm slowly dying. I recently had to quit my job as I was not capable of working under these conditions, have undergone every imaginable procedure AGAIN and of course nothing was found... I've had these procedures so many times and wonder what is the point - they're not going to "find" anything. On top of that my current surgeon is chalking it all up to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) which is nothing but a garbage pail diagnosis (that is what "they" label whatever whenever they cannot find anything else), and, he virtually yelled at me as I not only was about to go under for yet another endoscopy and colonoscopy, but I was trying to describe to him what I experience and the fact that I believe this is adhesion-related... his comment: "its gyne!"). Not necessarily so... it involves my bowel. I'm so sick, lost, alone, depressed, and have a heavy sense of guilt as I am no longer the person I was so many years ago... I don't know how or why my husband puts up with this. Anyway - I apologize for rambling. I hope that this message may help even just a little. Take care.

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