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Wed Nov 7 16:25:43 2012

Hi Lisa

I know what you are going through, I have had surgery with Dr. Jay Redan and he is a Godsend. He is in Central Florida and I luckily live here. He literally saved my life 2 years ago and he is the Very Best when it comes to knowledge on adhesions.

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> Lisa, I have met twice with Dr. Jay Redan. Although I have not had surgery
with him, he is the most knowledgable doctor (regarding adhesions), that I > have ever met. When I finally reach the poin of no longer being able to
> deal with my issues, I will only allow Dr. Redan to do my surgery.
> Katie
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>> At Mon, 30 Jul 2012, Lisa Krueger wrote:
>>> I have had nurmerous abdominal surgeries! The last one was in 09 for a
>>> double blockage. I am now suffering horrible constipation. I need a
>>> Dr. that deals with adhesions. I live near Chicago, IL. I also need a
>>> support network that I can e-mail. I need to talk to others who are
>>> going through this horrible ordeal. I want to know about a Dr Reich,
>>> Dr. Jay Redan, or a Dr. Thomas Lyons. Any help in this matter I would
>>> appreciate. I also need to know about the Dr. in Germany that deals in
>>> adhesions. I am willing to go anywhere to get the help that I need. I
>>> don't want this to win. I am a fighter and I will beat this. I think
>>> the work that you are doing here is great. I see that so much more
>>> needs to be done. Praying for all here.
>>> --
>>> Lisa Krueger
>> Dear Lisa, I apologize for e-mailing you directly, however I was unable
>> to locate the above message on the board. I just wanted you to know
>> that I know precisely what you're going through. My first surgery in
>> 1999 started out as a diagnostic laparoscopy and ended up being 2 hour
>> long surgery... after all the procedures I was asked to undergo, did,
>> and have undergone countless times since - they found nothing. Surprise,
>> surprise... what they found during that surgery was that my left ovary
>> was adhered to my sigmoid colon which was all adhered to my left pelvic
>> sidewall all related to endometriosis. The main surgeon who is in the
>> Chicago area (my gynecologist was present) specializes in adhesions and
>> took them down. I felt great for about 3 months and have been sick, in
>> excruciating pain, have seen countless specialists since, and I've
>> received nothing but narcotics. On the latter - don't get me wrong...
>> I'm grateful that my internist and gynecologist understand chronic pain
>> and aren't afraid to prescribe these medications and quite honestly if
>> it weren't for those pain medications I'm afraid to even mention where I
>> would be today... Unfortunately, I am unable and in all good conscience
>> cannot recommend the surgeon that did the initial surgery... he is
>> known throughout the country and abroad for this type of work, however,
>> his reputation as a narcissist (as many surgeons are) is documented in
>> virtually every hospital in northern Illinois and by countless patients.
>> Additionally, and for legal reasons I cannot even mention his name. I'm
>> sorry - I wish I could help you in that regard. I wish you and everyone
>> one who suffers from this abominable disorder all the best.

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