such pain

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I foumd about 4.5 hour drive away thatspecializes in adhesion surgery withwhas called the di vinci robotic surgery. I just got all my files sent there. I too was told that another surgery would be too dangerous. They previously removed my r ovary from being adhered to my bowel. Hence the danger. . . On Oct 20, 2012 6:37 PM, "IAS Admin" <> wrote: Sender: (Des) Subject: Re: such pain

At Wed, 8 Aug 2012, maikki wrote: >
>As I lAy here in pAin I can't help but wonder why am I doing another c t
>scan? I feel so helpless.  why do the doctors say adhesions aren't
>painful? Well doc I'm in pain noW! I don't know anybody with my
>symptoms, and I need help

They are definitely painful Maikki.  My Dr totally understands my pain and even explains why it hurts.  From my experience, (apart from obstruction pain which is so easily recognisable when it happens) adhesion type pulling pain does exist.  My Doc tells me that when I get bloated which is an everyday occurrence whether eating or just even fluids, my bowel stretches and it pulls on all the adhesions.  I have one particular spot that is so bad it has been impossible to surgically fix,at last op my Doc just avoided that area altogether and treated other areas, saying it was too dangerous to touch that spot on my R side.  So, I have to put up with it, not much fun.  He says it's all the nerves, stretching, pulling and possibly even inflamed because of the trauma this spot goes through that gives me the pain.  I really try to avoid narcotics because they further compound the problem but sometimes the pain is just too bad to overcome and I take something, however I take Movicol, Coloxyl and Dulcolax laxitives when I do this to help avoid the complication of further constipation.  I don't know what else to do except not to eat or drink but that's not a good option nutritionally.

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