please help me!

From: michelle (
Fri Sep 28 19:03:11 2012

I am two days out of the hospital! I guess you can call me a frequent flyer there. I was admitted this time again for nasua, vomiting, and dehydration. They never realy know what to do with me but rehydrating me and getting me backon solid foods.I was in this time for eleeven days. This was my third hospital stay in six months.

I have hAD five abdominal surgeries over the years and have no female organs left.My last surgerie around three years ago was to remove adhesions and became a bowel resection and a long recovery. Im told this surgerie was very dangerous and I continue to have PAIN and periodic vomiting and bowel issues constantly. this visit to the hospital was the topping on the cake. I consulted with many docters and they said they would not touch me unless I had a bowel obstruction again or I was dying. I also was told by a surgion that adhesions do not cause PAIN...... WOW REALY THEN IT MUST BE IN MY HEAD! I have missed six weeks of work and I was not a very dependable employee previously because of constant pain and vomiting and bowel issues. I have or should I say had a great job that I worked hard to achieve but they are not being very supportive of course they have a bussiness to run I understand and I work in the health care field with children. I am also the primary income. I lost a 20 year marriage because of all this nonsense and recently remarried a wonderful man but how much will he be able to take is the question.

They are wanting to refer me to shandes hospital but I am tired of going in circles and want to go to the right place this time. Of course my finances are in the toilet and I cant afford to continue to go from docter to docter. They treat me as if I am searching pain medicine. Thats a joke because it doesnt even work. Well Im losing it and need some advice from someone who understands. Please help me navigate through this! Im broke, desperate, sick,and probably depressed! Thanks for listening michelle

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