help living with adhesion pain

From: fran (
Fri Sep 28 19:03:14 2012

hi, new to the site so will start with a bit of background. I am 47 and have a history of pcos and laparoscopy operations for the removal of large ovarian cysts. I was then admitted with a ruptured ovarian cyst and the pain has been constant ever since varying in intensity. I have been admitted to hospital several times after vomiting and passing out with pain(I live by myself so scary) and have had tests and ct scans. Adhesions sticking my bowel, ovary, tubes and another cyst were eventually diagnosed in Feb after a exploratory laparoscopy. Since then I have been on a programme of Naproxen and Buscopan and painkillers to keep pain under control. This has helped slightly but I am still having bouts of extreme pain, especially after going to the toilet, that means I am off work(I have a very physical job)and I am getting sick of it ruling my life. I have tried to remain positive especially after being told by various drs that I just have to live with it. Anyway my question to anyone out there is what else can I do to help myself?. Can anyone advise on dietary changes, whether yoga or stretching, acupuncture or supplements help?. Is it true the adhesions tighten and get worse ? or is there a way to make them softer and less sticky. Any suggestions no matter how small would be welcome. Thanks.

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