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Tue Sep 18 17:21:36 2012

Wow. This scars me. I had tubal pregnancy due to severe adhesions. 3 years later I got pregnant again. I had pain at first then everything was ok until delivery. I was induced and the cord was rapped around my sons neck. Now I pregnant again. I am having a lot more pain than I remember from last time. I feel sharp pains going down by bowel. This could last all day off and on. I found that if I massage the area it's suppose to release the adhesions. not make the pains so severe but I do have to be careful. So sorry to hear about your pain. I think there needs to be more research on adhesions and pregnancy to prepare the ones that have this. Liz

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>HI Kimberly, My heart is broken hearing your story, I have tears streaming
>down my face. You poor thing. I am so sorry to hear about all of your
>horrible mistreatment. Congratulations on your baby boy. I'm sure all that
>you went through and are still going through has just taken away the joy of
>his birth. Being sent home with a fever and pneumonia, that is not right!
Is >there anything you can do for repercussions for the negligence of the
>Hospital staff? I have heard so many horror stories when it comes to
>adhesions and mistreatment. I went into the E.R. in Jan. and I was so
afraid >I would be treated as a drug seeker, but I had no choice I was out of my
>mind in pain. They helped me and were very kind. After 6 hours my pain was
>finally getting under control, but it wasn't until they gave me Dilaudid
did >it finally calm down. I don't know what to say to you except that I am just
>heartbroken and shocked at such poor treatment. Is there a patient advocate
>that you can go through at the Hospital? The Head of that Hospital should
>know how poorly you were treated. Can anything be done about their
>neglegence? Wherever you live, the healthcare system sucks! I sure wouldn't
>want to go to that hospital and I bet you aren't the first patient that was
>treated so horribly. Is there a town, or city nearby that you can find a
new >Dr. and start getting the help that you need? There are many people on this
>website that may live where you do and have a good doctor. I would ask. I
am >so sorry that you are still so ill that you can't even care for your new
>baby and little girl. You have got to be one of the bravest people I know
>with all that you have gone through. I pray that you will start feeling
>better and that you can enjoy your new baby and little girl. I wish that I
>had answers for you. Take care and good luck. Cheryl D.

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>> Subject: Pregnancy and Adhesions
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>> Subject: Pregnancy and Adhesions
>> I wrote on this page about 5 months ago because of terrible pain during
>> pregnancy. I believe they were because of adhesions. I laid on the
>> floor for 10 months in excruciating pain, all day, every day. I was on
>> dilaudid my whole pregnancy as well as ambien and xanax. None of it
>> helped. I had to have an IV at home and I threw up all of the time. I
>> was unable to eat and had to be hospitalized numerous times for weeks at
>> a time. I was abused by nurses who accused me of being a drug seeker
>> and wanting to harm my baby as well as an anorexic who was so concerned
>> about weight gain that I didn't eat. The last two months of my
>> pregnancy the pain was so bad that I slept an hour a night on 2 ambien
>> and 2 tylenol pm. When I was finally induced, my labor lasted 36 hours
>> and I screamed in pain the whole time even with an epidural. I felt as
>> though my uterus would explode and the baby was too big to carry. When
>> I went into full labor my stomach pains were so bad that my heart rate
>> went up to 182. A cardiologist had to be brought in and he said it was
>> referred stomach pain. During my pregnancy I also had to commit myself
>> to the psych ward because they were trying to take away my 3 year old
>> because no one believed my pain although my ultrasounds revealed
>> something that appeared to be vasculitis and trapped gas.

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