From: Terri (
Tue Sep 18 17:21:01 2012

Hello. I had a hystorectomy in August 2011 due to adhesions crushing my womb down to the pelvic wall, they said it was a complicated op. a day after the op I needed a 3 pint blood tranfusion ..not sure why. Since I have had the op things have got so bad, a year later and my life is hell, I suffer really bad pain on a daily basis or should I say constant pain, I am now unable to work, walk, cook, clean, even walk my 2 young children to school, my husband even has to help me in and out the bath. I have been back to the hospital many times and have been told that there is nothing more they can do for ma as if they operate on me again it will just make my adhesions worse. the adhesions are on my stomach, bowl, liver and kidney. I am on 24 very powerfull painkillers per day plus antidepresants. I feel my life has been put on hold I have always been a active person as they say I was always on the go and now I am confined to my home. if I do go out I have to be pushed in a wheelchair but even after 10-15 mins in that the pain is unreal I attend a pain clinic but all they do is give me more painkillers, my doctor has been great but even she says she dont know what else to do and she is sorry. Some days I just feel like jumping of a bridge..but I would not be able to get there. my husband has been great but we can not even have intamacy any more because of the pain it has been 2 years now. I am in so much pain I just dont know where else to turn so I searched the net and found this website.

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