From: virginia (
Fri Jun 8 09:11:49 2012

I discussed SSD with my Doctor, He said I should be on it. So I went to Binder and Binder and started the process. The Doctor wanted to charge me $1500.OO, YES $1500. Which I could not afford, But I paid for him to fill out a form which he did half heartly and did not support me. Also stated i needed emotional evaluation. This is a highly recomended surgeon on this website. He has performed 5 operations on me due to adhesions. My GP doctor charge me a grand total of $46.00 For a letter, fill out forms. medical records and a narrated request of my condition. My surgeon wanted almost$1800, FOR THIS SERVICE.

My surgeon is and excellent doctor! as a surgeon I highly recomend him. Everytime I have surgery it cost me around $5000. out of pocket, because I am out of my Ins. network. I feel I am between a rock and a hard place, cause I need him as a surgeon. Needless to say I was denied. Any suggestions?

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