Pelvic adhesions and exercise

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Hi, I just read your messages and both of your stories sound extremely similar to my own.  I am 29 and I have had ovarian cysts for twelve years and adhesions for 11. I cannot excersise it make the pain worse. I have had four surgeries and three children. So normal cleaning and life is too much to handle, I try to rest as much as possible, I would encourage you to also. This is an extremely difficult diagnosis, especially when there is no treatment available. Try not to have surgery again unless you are literally dying. That's my plan. I was depressed a few years ago, i know how you are feeling, maybe not exactly but I understand how hard it is to feel like your 90 in your twenties  Stay strong, take it easy as much as possible, rest, pray, sleep!! take vitamins and try and stay hopeful. I began to do alot of resurch a few years ago. look at fda website for clinical trials related to adhesions. They suggested cranberry supplements. I've been taking them. I want to try spratese and other enzymes but I cannot affrod them right now. Anyway, I went back to school to become a neo-natal nurse someday, and along the way I am trying to better understand this disease. Does anyone else in your families have adhesions? cysts? tumors? I feel there is a genetic link. My  mom had severe abdominal adhesions and had a bowl obstruction. She is addicted to pain medication, not just taking it, she abuses it. I hope you all watch out for that. It is easy to become addicted, I try not to ever take it unless I want to go to the hospital then I will take at night to sleep. I have to try and live a normal life. I believe finding more purpose in life helped me get out of the slump I was in. I feel like I am doing something about this. Everyone says there is nothing we can do, but that is not true. knowledge  is power. Try to find out as much as you can, and follow your own instincts. listen toyour body and rest and eat. Do you all have problems gaining and keeping on weight??? I do. I'm too skinny all the time. I hope you are doing better today. Good luck. Please let me know if you find new information.  

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Hi Laura, I am also 21 and have adhesions in my pelvic area.  It started this time last year in may when I had an ectopic pregnancy, I was treated with methotrexate which was he worst pain of my life...but I manged to get through it! 6 months later I had a laparoscopy because I was suffering from bad pains...that is when they found extensive adhesions.  I had them removed ur I am now in the same pain...I cannot walk sometimes...I am in pain 24 7.  It is awful...all I wana do is cry. I used to be such a bubbly happy person, I'm just a shell of what I used to be.  Funnily enough I've just got back from the doctors and he gave me pain meds and anti depressants because I told him how sad this was making me.  I cannot see a way out anymore, I've tried swaps! Nothing has improved.  I'm at my wits end

Hope things get better for the both of us :) x

t Sat, 12 May 2012, Laura wrote: > >Hi, > >Ok so my story.  Im 21yrs old.  When i was 17 had 10cm in diameter >Ovarian Dermoid tumour.  Only on left ovary, they removed it after about >3 months of it being undiagnosed.  They did open c-section surgery.  Then >few months later still no better.  I turned 18 and there was another 8cm >in diameter tumour on the same ovary as before.  Doctor went in key hole >to remove it and said it was attached to my sigmoid colon by adhesions. >I was having TERRIBLE bowel problems.  Anyway..  few months later still >no better.  Had to go out of the country so a doctor would have a look >because the all just told me there was nothing wrong with me, and i knew >myself i was not right still.  Had more keyhole surgery and i had LOADS >of adhesions all around where the tumors were before.  I even had some >to my liver prior to a pelvic infection apparently.  So the surgeon cut >through them and used something called ADEPT to try and stop them coming >back.  And guess what? still no better..  thisn have settled down a bit, >i deffinately still have some adhesions there.  What I am asking is does >anyone have a similar story but their pain gets worse when the exercise? >Obviously something is stuck to something in there and when i exercise I >get really really bad pains..  It feels like a mixture between a stitch >and a massive bruise, but the pain will linger for days after i have >used the threadmill or something like that.  And also does anyone think >there is even any point in going back to the doctors for them to have >another look..  because if the Adept stuff didnt work the first time >what else can they do to stop them coming back? Also have just been >diagnosed with depression just purely due to the chronic pain.  Its > would think there must be something to stop them coming >back! >Thanks!

Sophie xxx

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