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Yeah I can relate to that story as after having an open hernia repair with mesh was win the adhesion's took over. A foreign substance in my body and the adhesion's took off like a wild fire. The last surgery I had was January 31 , 2008 I have done my best to stay away from the ER but I would like to get what ever is going on fixed so I don't put my self in a bad position. About 8 weeks after that surgery I woke up screaming from pain now as well in my left pelvis. I still have it and it goes on and off like a switch, it just hurts so bad and I feel like I might die and being alive is important to me. When the hardest pain is threw I have a soreness and throbing, aching feeling that is painful for hours .. Love to all who suffer with me and lives with a person that is hurting on a daily basis   I think we should never be silent and demand some thing to help us!!!

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Thank you-----I actually have a appt.  with the pain clinic tomorow.  I will bring my surgery reports-- thank you for that advice!!!! I never though of that---but listening to most peoples stories here...  I am a "new one"... and I don't know the ropes of juggling through through this MD maze..... Thank you for helping!

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>No, your not crazy!!! The docs that don't believe you are crazy!  If
>your present doc won't make the referral, find one that will. It took
>me along time, many years to get good doc that believed there was
>something wrong and that it was all caused by the adhesions. I guess it
>is true that adhesions , the tissue itself doesn't cause pain, BUT what
>the adhesions DO does-if that makes any sense. I've been laughed at as
>well, and any new docs that I've had to see for things don't believe me
>so what I had to start doing was taking copies of my surgery reports
>with me and giving the new doc a copy so he/she could read the report
>for themselves and know just how bad  my insides are, that I'm not just
>making it up. My "good " doc that does understand and knows how severe
>my guts are I asked to write a letter (actually I wrote it he just
>signed it) giving a brief synopsis of my problems and I give them a copy of
that too. >It seems once they see things on actual doctor letterhead they start to
>believe better and I don't have to try and explain so much and have
>them look at me like I have three heads. lol It's very difficult to
>live a life with this terrible problem. It seems just about when I try
>to learn to live with one problem something else goes wrong.
>I am thankful for this group, to know there are others that do
>understand what I'm going through.

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