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Sun Oct 2 12:07:02 2011

Hi Kim, I'm so glad to hear u have a pain clinic appt. That's def a start in the right direction. Be certain to be your own advocate and tell them like it truly is, I'm glad I could help someone:-) as thanks to this health crap I don't feel like I'm much good to anyone anymore. One other thing I do which I'm not sure I mentioned is I try to write down all my issues and then link it back to why it happens and give the doc a copy of it, or generally the nurse or whoever is processing you in as a new patient for example, severe constipation caused by gastroparesis and bowel adhesions , nerve damage on left side/left leg due to adhesions and adhesion removal. Reason I started to do this is because with a new doc they generally won't or can't take the time to get thorough information and this is a way to ensure they get it and later on he/she can't come back and say they didn't know I had a problem with it. Then too you also give them your records as well- basically it helps to give yourself credibility related to your medical issues and gives them info too.

It's really crazy what we have to go through with this problem to make others believe. With a pain clinic I have seen some real wacko's after my one doc that treated me for five years retired. One place I felt like I was going to a pill mill made me very uncomfortable, then the doc made a pass at me! I think he was running a tit-for-tat kind of place, needless to say I never went back. Two more later (and I'm down to the last semi decent drive location from my home) and I'm still not totally pleased with who I'm seeing but my options have run out unless I can drive over two hours one way, which I can't handle physically or financially at this point. I wish you all the luck in the world!! Please ket me know how it goes. Dawn

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> Sender: (Kim Anderson)
> Subject: Re: Surgeons
> Thank you-----I actually have a appt. with the pain clinic tomorow. I
will > bring my surgery reports-- thank you for that advice!!!! I never though of
> that---but listening to most peoples stories here... I am a "new one"...
> and I don't know the ropes of juggling through through this MD maze.....
> Thank you for helping!
> At Mon, 19 Sep 2011, Dawn wrote:
>> No, your not crazy!!! The docs that don't believe you are crazy! If
>> your present doc won't make the referral, find one that will. It took
>> me along time, many years to get good doc that believed there was
>> something wrong and that it was all caused by the adhesions. I guess it
>> is true that adhesions , the tissue itself doesn't cause pain, BUT what
>> the adhesions DO does-if that makes any sense. I've been laughed at as
>> well, and any new docs that I've had to see for things don't believe me
>> so what I had to start doing was taking copies of my surgery reports
>> with me and giving the new doc a copy so he/she could read the report
>> for themselves and know just how bad my insides are, that I'm not just
>> making it up. My "good " doc that does understand and knows how severe
>> my guts are I asked to write a letter (actually I wrote it he just
>> signed it) giving a brief synopsis of my problems and I give them a copy
of > that too.
>> It seems once they see things on actual doctor letterhead they start to
>> believe better and I don't have to try and explain so much and have
>> them look at me like I have three heads. lol It's very difficult to
>> live a life with this terrible problem. It seems just about when I try
>> to learn to live with one problem something else goes wrong.
>> I am thankful for this group, to know there are others that do
>> understand what I'm going through.
>> My last surgery a barrier method was used (don't recall which right
>> off) and I don't know that it helped any, it sure as hell didn't stop
>> any of the pain. Actually, or whatever reason after the surgery I
>> developed a fever of
>> 107 degrees with supposedly nothing found as to why, after days
>> infectious disease was called in even though they couldn't find the
>> infection and I was pumped full of tons of antibiotics for days, which
>> did finally lower the fever down, not to normal but where they
>> discharged me after twelve days. I still think it had something to o
>> with the mesh or whatever it was they used and my body trying to reject
>> it in essence. I don't know, none of it made any sense.
>> I hope you find a doc that will listen, that seems to be a big key in
>> at least being able to get some help. Good luck!
>> Dawn
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>>> Sender: (Kim Anderson)
>>> Subject: Surgeons
>>> My history- started with endometriosis in my teens, and 20s -causing
>>> infertility.
>>> Now in the last 2 years I have had 2 bowel surgeries due to
>>> obstructions from diverticulitis.The last surgery- the colon-rectal
>>> surgeon took an extra 3 hours to do lysis of adhesions, just to be
>>> able to get to colon do the surgery. Of course I have have chronic
>>> pain also- mostly pelvic-groin.. that has just basically put my usual
> activities on hold.
>>> Now I have a large abdominal incisional hernia..., and several
>>> smaller hernias below the big one.
>>> A General surgeon- head of the department, at well-known teaching
>>> hospital. Want's to put layers of mesh over and under this hernia- I
>>> said- "lets hold off on that! I don't want more adhesions- I already
>>> have chronic pain." He actually laughed at me- "pain from adhesions?-
>>> I don't think so".
>>> Can anyone tell me if surgeons laugh at them- Why would they do that?

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