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I agree- I'm sorry for your suffering- but I "get it"....I do agree- I will not let any surgeon open me up again unless I am dying---

At Sun, 25 Sep 2011, Desie wrote: >
>I can't say that I have had them "laugh" at me. I have had them
"disregard" >or "talk down" to me. I don't care for that in any area of my life, and I
>especially don't like in in physicians and surgeons. If you choose to
purse >that career, you have to realize that you are caring for sick, scared
people >who have little or no knowledge of what's going on in their body or what is
>going to be done to try and repair it.
>Health care is a very specialized field and it's my personal opinion that
>you have to have a special "calling" and be able to develop a rapport with
>any type of personality.
>I had to have an emergency explatory surgery and had an ovary with a cyst
>removed. I was handed a paper on my discharge and in very small print it
>said not to strain or pick up heavy objects for 6 weeks. The surgeon never
>discussed the healing process with me. Well six months later I herniated
>(the internal stitches tore loose). I had to have a hernia repair and scar
>repair. While this surgeon did tell me not to pick up anything heavy, use
>stool softeners, etc., he did NOT ask me before the surgery if it was ok to
>put mesh on my entire stomach. Nor did he ever explain adhestions caused
by >repeated surgery.
>My stomach has never been the same. It's been five years now and I can
>still feel the mesh every time I move. Not pain really. but discomfort.
I >have bowel adhestions causing constipation and I think one must have
>attached to a lung, because one of my lungs (the one on the side where the
>surgery was) does not feel like it expands well, and I sometimes get
>shortness of breath. One doctor said you cannot herniate through the mesh
>but you can herniate behind it. That's what it feels like to me. Real
>heavy late in the day and after I eat (lower stomach). It feels like my
>stomach is trying to push out!
>My suggestion is don't have surgery unless they tell that you you will die
>without it. Discuss in detail everything that they are going to possibly
>PUT INTO your body, and ask what the long term effects of this surgery will
>be on your body. I wish I had even known about mesh. I could have looked
>into the pros and cons and come to an educated decision.
>Sorry for the long story. Has anyone suffered something similar?
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>>fire them
>>really. fire them immediately. then...
>>print out educational material from the site and take it with you as
>>you go interview new drs.
>>and dont forget to report your other drs to the medical boards.
>>on quilt under carli cumberland albright i think.
>>im remarried ive been on there sooo long! lol.
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