From: Sarah (
Sat Jul 23 13:17:19 2011

I am so glad I found a place where people understand what we are going thru! The love of my life is slowly being taken from us due to a stage 4 frozen abdomen and a body that is engulfed in adhesions. His doctor gave him less then 6 months to live. His bowel has completely died off and his small intestine is worthless. The adhesions have attached to his lung, his kidney and have webbed his lower rib cage. We are desperate for a miracle. He has been to the doctor in Kissimmee, FL who referred him to Dr. Gerhart in Pennsylvania. To date, after many many calls, he has not called back. We are trying to do anything possible. We live in Chicago. He is trying to contact the Mayo clinic at this point because we do not know where to turn to next. Can anyone give us any sort of direction???

All my love, Sarah

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