pain is not my friend

From: Tania w (
Sat Jul 23 13:17:35 2011

well when i was young there was no dr who would listen i was in pain when i changed towns i had a new dr he sent me to the surgan. he found i had endometriosis. i was 21. since then i've had many opp's last year they found they could'nt take out my overies because the addhesions where too bad. they booked another time for sergary in september 2010 they cut from hip to hip they cut through the mass of adhesions and sliced through my bowel i then ended up with a bowel resection. after a week at home i got sick i had an infection and then my bowel had blocked. they waited 4 weeks for it to unblock. it did'nt i had eaten nothing and drunk nothing for a month, i was weak. The dr decided because my body was shutting down they would have to opperate. well they did they didn't no if i would make it but 4 days in ccu i was back on the ward. only 3 days later i was home. weak tired and saw my husband is fantastic. i no i am so lucky to have him. but it is now july 2-11 and the pain is back. sucks dr's don;t no what to do. they don't want to open me up but my bowl is blocing again, i only have 30cm of small intestion left. what happens next can anyone tell me. I am affraid.

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