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Hi MIchelle my name is Jennifer.

Anyway I Don't know enough about adhesions to help you, or myself at this point. But i can tell you what I have learned so far, and that I am on a mission to gather information to educate my team of doctors. I have abdominal and pelvic adhesions. I also have always had ovarian cysts. I wonder if there is a link between the two. Maybe on a celular level. I have had 3 surgeries. The doctors now want to preform another lysis of adhesions as well as a total hysterectomy. I had a partial two years ago. Long story short from resurch and everyones feedback on this site I am scared to have surgery. To be honest I am waiting until I Have an obstruction. It's only a matter of time. I am a mother of 3 children under 9. They are my pride and joy. I refuse pain pills and recently had yo break down and try a new medication. It's called tramadol it's a non narcotic pain medicine. It isnt strong enough, buy it takes the edge off. I have read that large doses of cranberry in supplement form can help with intestional adhesions. I suggest you speaking with your doctor about it. I think of going to therapy sometimes. I am sorry your dr told you that. No one can understand how hard this is. Please dont le anyone tell you it's in your head. You should fire that dr and find a new one. I wish you well and hope to hear back from you. I will send you a list of websites to check out soon

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hi I am Michelle from England i have got adhesions in all of my intestines had surgery and ended up with a fistula in 20009 and had in repaired in 2010. but still no one will talk to me about adhesion. I have just had an assessment with psychiatrist and they said they cant help me unless I put the adhesions out my head.but that is my whole problem and I don't no what to do. do you have any advise for me.

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