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From: Debbie (
Sat Jul 23 13:14:41 2011

Don't give up!!! After years of the same attitudes from Dr.s One finally found out The "WHY" do I get so many adhesions. A simple blood test for Factor Five Blood Disorder. Now no doctor can tell me I am, just looking for.... anything from more surgery to drugs to sympothy to just plain crazy. I'm just learning about it but look it up. It can cause many problems. Not just a higher risk of blood clotts. Sent from my U.S. CellularR Android-powered phone

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>hi I am Michelle from England i have got adhesions in all of my intestines
>had surgery and ended up with a fistula in 20009 and had in repaired in
>2010. but still no one will talk to me about adhesion. I have just had an
>assessment with psychiatrist and they said they cant help me unless I put
>the adhesions out my head.but that is my whole problem and I don't no what
>to do. do you have any advise for me.

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