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Sat Jul 23 13:12:10 2011

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> hi i am jayne and also live in the uk i have suffererd with adhesions for
the last 10 years and at the moment am haveing a really bad flair up doc just gave me antidepressant and pain killers i think they think its all in our heads i am now waiting for hospital appointment this site is so good to talk with others and know we r not alone .

>hi I am Michelle from England i have got adhesions in all of my intestines
>had surgery and ended up with a fistula in 20009 and had in repaired in
>2010. but still no one will talk to me about adhesion. I have just had an
>assessment with psychiatrist and they said they cant help me unless I put
>the adhesions out my head.but that is my whole problem and I don't no what
>to do. do you have any advise for me.


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