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Hi everyone,   Its been awhile since I have written but I have been reading the forum regularly.

I continue to do massage therapy and physcial therapy and feel it has really helped, some days are still very hard and the nausea and vomiting is a real downer.   I am going to pain management which is going well so far. My next visit we will be trying a tens unit, if anyone knows about this I would appreciate some feedback.   Eileen, have you checked out celebration hospital?  I have recently moved to georgia and if I get in a situation where I need to be hospitalized I will definitly go there.  They have everything an adhesion patient needs  The contact info. is on the adhesion website.   Also, I know alot of people have been waiting for spraygel.  My last surgery with Dr. Gearhart was May 2010 at which time he used spray gel.  However, I am under the impression this is a tweaked verion. The recovery was very difficult and took 7 weeks to feel somewhat human. You should ask questions and do a little research.  In 2007 I went to the Cayman Islands where Dr Reich used the spray gel.  After an 11 hour surgery and 3 days in icu I was very encourage.  Within 10 days I could feel the little b's coming back.  The original spray gel definitely made a difference, there are just alot of areas that are mass like and cannot be seperated.   I know we all hit our brick wall and feel surgery will help or is our only option, I cannot emphasize enough that myofascial release and physical therapy are THE BEST of all options.   Good luck and be well.   Jeanne Aughenbaugh > To:
> Subject: ADHESIONS digest 1358
> ADHESIONS Digest 1358
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> 1) Seeking a adhesion specialist in Florida-URGENT
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> Subject: Seeking a adhesion specialist in Florida-URGENT
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> Subject: Seeking a adhesion specialist in Florida-URGENT
> I have been an adhesion sufferer for many years (since 1992) and have
> had 15 surgeries. I have been part of the International Adhesion
> Society for many years and have posted before many times. I live in
> Puerto Rico and there isn't a adhesion specialist and I'm very sick now.
> I know I have partial or complete bowel obstruction and have a lot of
> pain, nauseas, limitation of movement. Can someone please tell me if
> there is a Adhesion Specialist in FL? I'm planning to move to Tampa,FL
> as soon as possible due the fact that I have no help here with my
> condition. Surgeons just apply gel or mesh and only last for 5 or 6
> months and I'm back again with more adhesions. I have written 3 times
> to a specialist Dr. in The Cayman Island which performs surgery with
> Sprayshield and he has not answer any of my emails. PLEASE HELP! My
> email is Thanks friends.
> --
> Eileen Rivera
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