Re: Seeking a adhesion specialist in Florida-URGENT

From: Fern (
Mon Jun 13 06:45:01 2011

Let me say that there was a patient named Sarah who supposedly was healed by Dr. Jay Redan at Celebration Hospital. And you are right, there is no new news at all about SprayGel, Spray Shield, etd. You may try to find Sarah's posts, (Sarah Wampler) and see if she can update you. I did some research and it looks like at one time, there were several surgeons in some kind of partnership. One of them went to the Cayman Islands. I am trying to find information on Dr. John Semertzides in Cincinnatti and Dr. Clark Gerhart in PA. Try googling them and call their office. Dr. Semertzide claims something like a high success rate in eliminating ahesions but I never see any patients come on this board and say their adhesions are gone.

Fern Hill

At Sun, 5 Jun 2011, Eileen Rivera wrote: > >I have been an adhesion sufferer for many years (since 1992) and have >had 15 surgeries. I have been part of the International Adhesion >Society for many years and have posted before many times. I live in >Puerto Rico and there isn't a adhesion specialist and I'm very sick now. >I know I have partial or complete bowel obstruction and have a lot of >pain, nauseas, limitation of movement. Can someone please tell me if >there is a Adhesion Specialist in FL? I'm planning to move to Tampa,FL >as soon as possible due the fact that I have no help here with my >condition. Surgeons just apply gel or mesh and only last for 5 or 6 >months and I'm back again with more adhesions. I have written 3 times >to a specialist Dr. in The Cayman Island which performs surgery with >Sprayshield and he has not answer any of my emails. PLEASE HELP! My >email is Thanks friends. > >-- >Eileen Rivera

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