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From: Annette (
Sat May 28 21:42:44 2011

At Sun, 15 May 2011, Christine Petrie wrote: >
>Yet again I find myself in hospital with another bowel
>I so sick of it. I have had the operation to remove adhesions 18 months
>ago and that failed. Since then I have been admiited to hospital 5
>times for obstructions.
>I try to stay postive but it really getting hard. I can only work 2
>days a week now.Everytime I try and exercise at the gym it irrates the
>scar tissue.
>Mylife is on hold and the quality of life is diminishing. I cant plan
>anything or look foward to anything anymore,
>There is no support group in New Zealand which makes it hard because no
>one understands how you feel.Most of the doctors dont understand either.
>I am lucky that I have an understanding husband and daughter but I feel
>I am failing them too.
>Thanks for letting me post this I know all of you understand .
>Kind Regards


My heart goes out to you. I understand completely what you are going through and can only say you are not alone. While that does not resolve the issue you are having, it does help to know that we are out here experiencing much of the same issues you are. Here is my story: At the age of 21, I had severe abdominal pain due to endometriosis. One of my fallopian tubes was sealed shut. My doctor gave me the 'choice' of a full hysterectomy or partial. I opted for full and explained my husband and I did not want children. If we changed our minds in the future, we would rather adopt a child that needed us. She made the decision to do a partial hysterectomy and open the closed fallopian tube. I am now 42. In these 21 years, I have had an 8-year period of good mobility. The other eleven years have been spent in pain, dissociation with friends and family, bowel obstructions, weight gain/loss, mobility issues ... the list goes on. During my pain-free period (which was caused by my own continued actions of putting myself back into a full stand position - the doctors would only prescribe more pain pills usually having me on so many that I could hardly get out of bed because I was so doped up). My body was bent over at the waist trying to relieve some of the pain. After I got back to a standing position, I worked the muscles slowly but steadily until I was able to move about. (NOTE: Vacuuming is not good for someone with adhesions apparently due to the vibrations of the vacuuming and the constant movement back and forth while vacuuming.) Once able to regain mobility, I was successful in trying to forge ahead to create a career. Then the economy dropped. My field of home remodeling was releasing people daily and I was one of them. In order to maintain a job, I went to one of the last places I wanted to be - a call center. This, however, allowed me to sit for the majority of the day, easing some of the pains I continued to have. That is until about a year ago. My pains increased, my time off of work increased. My job was in jeopardy. I went to a doctor, then a gastro doc who wanted to remove my gall bladder. I refused for him to do so since I knew my issue was with adhesions and not my gall bladder. I then found a doctor who knew about CPPS. He has put me in Physical therapy which helped to some extent but does not keep the pain at bay. I still continue to do the stretching exercises so that I may attempt to keep the job I do have, though at this point it is becoming more and more if-y. My next step to take will be disability, if possible - a thought I do not enjoy as I love being the breadwinner of my family. I am fortunate that my understanding husband has stayed by my side even though we have not had sex over 15 years. There are not many men who would do that in this day and time. He gets frustrated at times by my limits as well but this is human nature and I cannot fault for him for this. I also understand the feeling of failing the ones you love. It is a daily thing for me. One thing I might suggest is purchasing a TENS unit to help with some of the pain. It will ease the muscles around the adhesions, allowing them to relax if only briefly. I usually use it after I have done something 'strenuous', such as walking from my desk to my vehicle after two days or picking up a 12-lb chair (which caused me to me bed-ridden for 7 days). While the relief is only temporary, there is still the relief. Same goes with the physical therapy. It is only temporary, but there is still some momentary relief. Adhesions, unfortunately, are for life. Surgery will only cause adhesions to grow back. When they grow back after surgery, they grow back 70% worse. I know that I was fortunate that I had those years of pain-free living and daily wish for them to return. So don't give up hope. We know it is hard, but the fact that you have such an understanding family around you really means a lot.

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