Pelvic congestion syndrome

From: Irishgirl (
Sat May 28 21:42:29 2011

Hi everyone. I am writing a little anonymos. I am filing for Disability. On my second appeal.

But the reason for this message. I have had 11 surgeries mostly for endometriosis and of course, adhesions. I am in pain almost daily...of course. But I recently went to my gyne. and we talked and talked. On my first appointment we went down the physical therapy of the pelvic floor route. It failed miserably. But now on my follow up appt with the gyne, we discussed my symptoms-- you know, pain, pain pain!! lol. But he came up with something new to me: Pelvic congestion syndrome!

Chronic pelvic pain is a common condition and reports indicate that more than 30% of women complain about pain the lower abdomen sometimes in their life time. Occasionally, it is also known as pelvic congestion syndrome (PCS). It is believed that this condition is associated with varicose veins in the pelvis (lower abdomen and groin). The varicose veins develop during pregnancy and continue to progress in size. The syndrome is associated with constant dull pelvic pain, pressure and heaviness. No one really knows why the varicose veins develop nor how to best treat it. In fact, there are some women in whom no identifiable cause is identified

What is most common complaint of Pelvic Congestion Syndrome? Pain of varying severity is the most common complaint. The pain is typically dull and not cyclical. The pain is usually worse:

.just before the onset of the menstrual cycle .at the end of the day .after prolonged standing .during or just after intercourse .during later stages of pregnancy

Symptoms of Pelvic Congestion Syndrome may include:

.swollen vulva/vagina .Varicose veins (vulvar, buttocks, legs) .Abnormal menstrual bleeding .Tenderness to touch in lower abdomen .Pain during intercourse .Painful menstrual periods .Backache .Vaginal discharge .General lethargy> .Feelings of depression

Please look it up.. I am not sure if this will help, I have yet to see the vascular surgeon...but its something new for me... I will keep you posted. Luv to all...

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