So Over this

From: Christine Petrie (
Sun May 15 18:19:25 2011

Yet again I find myself in hospital with another bowel I so sick of it. I have had the operation to remove adhesions 18 months ago and that failed. Since then I have been admiited to hospital 5 times for obstructions. I try to stay postive but it really getting hard. I can only work 2 days a week now.Everytime I try and exercise at the gym it irrates the scar tissue. Mylife is on hold and the quality of life is diminishing. I cant plan anything or look foward to anything anymore, There is no support group in New Zealand which makes it hard because no one understands how you feel.Most of the doctors dont understand either.

I am lucky that I have an understanding husband and daughter but I feel I am failing them too.

Thanks for letting me post this I know all of you understand .

Kind Regards Christine

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