Referral Dr. in Rochester, NY

From: Sharon (
Sat May 28 21:42:09 2011

I have posted before under "my issue". I am looking for a doctor in the Rochester, NY area. I have had so many issues from gallbladder, 2 c-sections, tummy tuck, breast reduction, hysterectomy, uterer stunt, right ovary removal due to grapefruit sized cyst with tons of scar tissue, 1/2 of left ovary removed due to cyst and tons of scar tissue. I am not left with a swelled left abdoment and tons of pain. I even have extreme left lower pain after intercourse. I just changed OB/GYN's and see a new one later this month but not sure if this is the right type of doctor that I should see? My previous doctor told me there is nothing more she could do and said she would not even touch me any more and would just send me to pain management.

I just can't take it any longer. Any suggestions?


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