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Sat Apr 23 17:24:35 2011

Hi Sharon, well... U can seek out another surgeon since u are still in pain but the bad news is as you have most likely learned is the adhesions will come back. I lost everything due to the adhesions, ovaries which were stuck to my bowels as well as the tubes and uterus and cervix which was actually the first surgery ( not my very first one but the first related to female organs). I think as most would say on here really research the surgeon and try to get a good one, as it can make a huge difference in the end. Good luck to u you, and hang in there!

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> Sender: (Sharon)
> Subject: My issue
> Hi, I just found you all and hopefully you can help or advise me. I
> have had several abdominal surgeries for various issues. Most recently,
> my OB/GYN had to remove my left ovary but could not fully remove it due
> to scar tissue. In fact, she told me there was entirely too much of it
> in there and she was not going to touch me ever again! So now what do I
> do? I am still in terrible pain and I think I need to see someone about
> getting this scar tissue removed but who do you see -- a general
> surgeon? Has anyone had success with this?
> Thanks all..Sharon

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