Re: an ever increasing waist line...

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Sat Apr 23 17:24:45 2011

yup. On any given day my pants size can go from 10 to 14 and back again. there are days when the swelling/bloating gets so bad that I can hardly stand up tall enough to make room for my expanding belly! I do my best to eat well and keep my colon working and supplement with Swiss Kriss (a natural laxative) when I don't get enough fiber during my meals. I haven't tried Serratiopeptidase, yet, but am researching it now....Here's to our ever-changing bellies! Aren't they entertaining?

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>Hello dorethy i am also very thin, however when i hurt my stomach ( by
>bending or sneezing) my stomach does swell. In fact im lopsided. Left side
>is bigger or more swollen all the time. I think its because my adhesions go
>through many layers of abdoman. Good luck to you. Please let me know how
>seprateeese works for you. Im curious. Also i found studies reporting less
>bowel obstructions by taking cranberry suplements. U might also try that.
>Good luck again. Sincerly jennifer
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>Subject: an ever increasing waist line...
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>Subject: an ever increasing waist line...
>Hi all! I have had 3 small bowel obstructions in 27 mos. It all started in
>Dec. 08 when I had a ruptured appendix, but it took the hospital THREE
>weeks to diagnose, well they diagnosed it by doing exploratory surgery.
>Praise God that the appendix somehow took a B-line and settled in a lump in
>my groin, otherwise it would have secreted toxins and I would've died of
>sepsis. BUT the situation caused a secondary SBO, and the surgery was an
>ordeal -- the abdominal organs had begun to fuse together and so had to be
>separated. The surgeon at the time said with the amount of trauma that
>occurred, it was very likely I would have tons of adhesions.

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