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I also had my left ovary completely stuck wjth adhesions and cysys. In fact my surgery report said the ovary was gray. I think it was slowly dying due to the adhesions. . My whole abdominal cavity was covered w adhesions however my ob surgeon did remove ovary and tube and do lysis of adhesions. They came back of course and he couldnt free uterus or colon, but nothing is as painfulll as that ovary. I suggest you see another dr. Keep going until you find a good one. Dontl let them tell you theres nothing they can do. My ob is dr. Nelson in lake havasu city arizona. If you can get here he would help you. Good luck and dont give up

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Hi, I just found you all and hopefully you can help or advise me. I have had several abdominal surgeries for various issues. Most recently, my OB/GYN had to remove my left ovary but could not fully remove it due to scar tissue. In fact, she told me there was entirely too much of it in there and she was not going to touch me ever again! So now what do I do? I am still in terrible pain and I think I need to see someone about getting this scar tissue removed but who do you see -- a general surgeon? Has anyone had success with this?

Thanks all..Sharon

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