Re: More surgery-don't do it!

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Tue Apr 19 22:42:42 2011

Im sorry, but I am going to be so on this board in the next little while. So what do you mean " them pulling the plug?" I have seen my local doc once a month for years. I take percocet and norco everyday. Kristie

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>I believe there are good pain specialist's out there.
>Not all of them pull the plug when you question anything.
>I have had three pain specialist's.  (They keep moving on me.)
>2 out of the 3 were very concerned with my pain and interested in the
>I know there are some out there that aren't very good but I think people
>should try it.
>I have a pain pump.
>We don't have much options besides surgery or pain management and surgery
>isn't the answer.

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>> Subject: More surgery-don't do it!
>> My last surgery was in the 1990's the last of 8. Emergency surgery,
>> bowel obstruction. The Dr. told my husband that unless I was on
>> death's door step to NEVER LET ANY ONE go near me again with a
>> scapel...PERIOD.
>> Try your hardest to stay away from pain "specialists" as when YOU have
>> had enough of living in a fog or question anything, they pull the plug.
>> It's their way or the highway. Methadone withdrawal is interesting, the
>> after effects (after 8 years of use} last for months.
>> I know what 24/7 pain feels like. My husband and I live it together
>> every day. But good days do happen and I make the most of them.

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