Re: Trapped Nerves by adhesions

From: Kristie (
Tue Apr 19 22:42:53 2011

Karen, those are trigger points right? I am thinking of going to my docto in Utah and having a weeking seris of them. Three times a week for three weeks. I have had trigger's here, but my doc (btw, I live in California) in Utah know's my body better than anyone and he really hits them. And yes they hurt like hell's baby brother..... But the last time I did a seris like that, I had some really good months. So thinking abou t that again. Best of luck Kristie

At Sun, 6 Mar 2011, Karan wrote: >
>Thanks for the reply Dawn, did they do surgery to take care of the
>trapped nerves?
>At Sat, 26 Feb 2011, Dawn wrote:
>>Hi Karan, I have nerve damage caused apparently from the adhesions in the
>>abdomen wrapping around them then once cut loose during surgery I guess is
>>how it happened. The pain is in my left side and extends down into my left
>>leg. My right side has always been my "good side" until lady august I had
>>undergo another surgery to remove more ovarian remnants, appendix and more
>>adhesions. Now, my right leg is causing me problems too. I see a new pain
>>clinic doc at the end of the month and hope he can come up with some
better >>options for me than my current plan which is taking hydro's, flexeril,
>>klonopin and some other stuff.
>>Good luck to you!
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>>On Feb 20, 2011, at 3:45 PM, "IAS Admin" <>
>>From: (Karan)
>>Subject: Trapped Nerves by adhesions
>>Since 2005, I've had 3 surgeries due to Adhesions...the last being in
>>March 2010. The pain is back, been back a while...seeing a Surgeon next
>>week for "trapped nerves" by adhesions in the lower abdomen. Has anyone
>>had this before? They gave me 2 injections into the nerves...(made me
>>say very bad words) helped with the pain, haven't had to take any
>>pain meds, but it's only temporary....Anyone had this?

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