FW: Miralax

From: IAS Admin (tracy.joslin@adhesions.org)
Mon Dec 20 16:06:11 2010

From: adhesions@adhesions.org [mailto:adhesions@adhesions.org] On Behalf Of carole wilson Sent: Friday, December 17, 2010 9:31 AM To: adhesions-request@adhesions.org Subject: no subject received Mon, 20 Dec 2010 17:06:08 -0600

miralax is called picolix in the uk and we can get it over counter.i had adhesions for years,made my life a misery.dr once told me constipation makes no difference with adhesions,well i beg to differ with him mine is reduced if i take something,i find lactalose the best.the other stuff makes my bowel go into spasm the adhesion get worse and before now they strangled my bowel resulting in yet more surgery.it horses for courses...i wonder if people just have that sort of tissue.i got adhesions on my knee and arms now besides abdomen

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